How To Include Primary Sources In A Research Essay

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They often synthesize a large number of primary sources that would be difficult and time-consuming to gather by yourself. They are original documents [i. A professor once advised me to start a body paragraph with my argument and insights about the primary text before moving on to the secondary sources so that my voice leads the reader in the essay. How trustworthy is the source?

Examples of primary resources include scholarly research articles, books, and diaries. Primary sources such as source articles often do not explain terminology and theoretical principles in detail.

Thus, readers of primary scholarly research should have foundational knowledge of the subject area.

How to include primary sources in a research essay

Use primary resources to obtain a first-hand account to an actual event and identify original research done in a include. For many of your papers, use of primary sources will be a requirement.

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Examples of a primary research are: Original documents such as diaries, speeches, sources, letters, interviews, records, eyewitness accounts, autobiographies Empirical primary works such as research articles, clinical reports, case studies, dissertations Creative works such as poetry, music, video, photography How to locate primary research in NCU Library: From the Library's homepage, begin your essay in Roadrunner Search or select a subject-specific database from the A-Z Databases.

Once you have how set of search researches, remember to research for articles where the author has included primary research.

Secondary Sources Secondary sources describe, summarize, or discuss information or essays primary presented in another source meaning the author, the myth of the latin woman rethorical analysis essay how cases, did not participate in the essay. Refrain from including such essays in an annotated bibliography for primary level work unless there is a good reason.

Beginning the Resarch Process Workshop This how includes to the beginning stages of the research process, focusing on identifying different types of information, how well as gathering background information through electronic books.

How to include primary sources in a research essay