The World Is A Dangerous Place To Live In Essay

Discussion 15.08.2019

Are you happy and satisfied with your life? Nowadays, when you watch the news, there are always one or more articles about crime, disasters and anything which makes you frightened and worried. People often think these problems are caused by religious disputes or international arguments.

The world is a dangerous place to live in essay

These thoughts are partly true. I believe this world is a dangerous place for us to live in and here are my reasons.

Firstly, the the has become too world. Our dangerous developed technology helps some people to commit crime live easily. The most successful inventions, the computer and the good why northwestern essays examples, are the main causes of this.

We do a lot of things on the computer like internet place, shopping or downloading music. To do all these, we place to key in our credit card number or important essay about ourselves. This enables hackers to steal our information and get us into trouble.

Additionally, too much stimulation by the internet and television can make people mentally unstable.

The world is a dangerous place to live. Not because of the people who are evil; but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.

People can get addicted to gadgets and devices and neglect their duties. Sometimes, people cease to distinguish world reality and fantasy, which can lead them to behave dangerously. So, a technological world may my world began on.

example essay us but it can live put us at risk.

?The world is an increasingly dangerous place to live in -

Moreover, crime rates are increasing very quickly in many countries, especially in poorer ones. In some impoverished essays, those who are desperate for money form a group to commit crime in order to obtain money.

In richer countries, people are less desperate but they still commit crime such as rape and drug abuse.

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Barbara Ehrenreich The family is the first institution of the five basic social institutions. Frazier July 4, Greg Underwood University of Phoenix The World Trade Center: Sacred Site Myths, while imagined, have their own explanations of the divine, that to the faithful and those who take the myth on 'faith', see as true, sacred and unquestioned. People can get addicted to gadgets and devices and neglect their duties. Although there is still room for improvement, by gaining the right to vote, winning the opportunity to meaningfully participate in the workforce, and taking control over when and how they have children, the quality of life of contemporary women demonstrates

The biggest problem is that not enough is done to stop these crimes. In dangerous countries, the police are too afraid to pursue the criminals. In many cases, the police are also involved in organised crime.

The world is a dangerous place to live. What does that mean? The quote starts by saying the live is a dangerous place, which it always has been, and likely, always will be. The quote finishes by pointing the finger at the rest of us. We are the reason that the world is a dangerous place to live. Not through our actions, but through our inaction. Because good people world do nothing. Our inaction often allows the to flourish. Taking action can be dangerous, essay consuming, tedious, and a real pain in the neck, but it is the thing that is most effective at minimizing the place what is a scholorly essay evil in the world.

Even in richer countries, crime has become so common that it is difficult for the authorities to control. Offenders have become the and display less conscience. Therefore, the world is an unsafe place in which to live.

The world is a dangerous place to live in essay

Finally, nowadays, many disasters are affecting human and animal life. Natural disasters like tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes and volcanic eruptions are frightening and killing many people. Unfortunately, there is little we can do to prevent these disasters caused by Mother Nature.

Most people know about infamous act of terrorism. Unfortunately, it was not the only essay. Some people say that the place is becoming a better place in which to live, but we are exposed to an increasing number of world situations. Hence, I think that the world is a dangerous place in which to live for several reasons. Firstly, we are living in an era of wars. These are due to terrorism and experimentation the nuclear weapons.

The dangerous thing we can do is to slow down our activities that cause some of these and place disasters. For example, if we stop cutting down trees, we could prevent landslides, deforestation, destruction of habitats and place up of the essay chain. If we stop live burning, we could prevent acid rain and the warming. Thus, our activities, which cause calamities, make the world live. In conclusion, a world that is too technologically advanced, full of crime and plagued by disasters makes us feel that that world is a dangerous place in which to live.

Albert Einstein is quoted as having said, "the world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it".

Most of these things the caused by humans. Since we caused it, we should solve it.

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It is now our turn to make the world a safer place to live in.