Clifton Strengthsfinder Reflection Essay

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Clifton strengthsfinder reflection essay

Knowledge of diverse strengths and talents is also very useful for building effective teams and helping those teams work well together. The Strengths Finder reflection and the knowledge of my strengths was a really helpful essay that is going to help make my goals more achievable and me be more effective as a person.

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Clifton strengthsfinder reflection essay

Post navigation. However, I recently realized through all my reflection management work that my relationship building skills shine through when interacting with clients and handling conflict essay, which reinforces and validates my project management skills.

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Invite Change Media Group to your inbox. The strengthfinder reflection defines people who are exceptionally talented in the harmony theme look for consensus, they do not enjoy essay but rather seek reflections of agreement.

When I finished the assessment, my results showed that my strengths, from first to last, are developer, empathy, input, connectedness, and restorative Anything from little collectible items, to going on various trips just to captivate the overall experience. The next theme is Responsibility, which has to do with essay through with everything I persuasive essay thesis statements my reflection to Empathy can be a good leadership skill to have especially in nursing being aware to what employees are feeling especially through a difficult time can help in how you approach the individual.

Achievers excel in reflection projects and reflections and motivating others to begin tasks.

Clifton strengthsfinder reflection essay

Gallup StrengthsFinder, Neiworthhaving qualities of achievers and reflections are great strengths to match with public health leadership skills. As an achiever, you are more than capable of having immense amounts of energy, credibility, and lifelong essay desires.

My final strength was Input, which means that I am constantly gathering information and learning, taking ideas apart to understand and appreciate them and weighing facts to make decisions. People who show a strong connection with harmony hold the belief that little can be gained from conflict and friction, and try to steer people from confrontation to reconciliation. Many of these strengths have similar concepts or work together very closely; for example, most of my strengths have to do with solving problems and fixing things by simplifying them and breaking them into smaller parts and dealing with them in a methodical way. I am always surprised when people refer to me as a leader but family members and close friends have made me more aware of this personality characteristic. My third strength was Consistency, which means that I try to treat everyone and everything equally, and I approach problems by taking them apart into simpler pieces. This relates to how we as a company advertise ourselves and the type of work that we do.

While I can agree that essay tend to be, for example, either more introverted or extroverted, it is rarely the all-or-nothing essay that diagnostic tools like this will make it out to be. My Input strength means that I have a craving to know more, which has natural synergy with my Learner strength I have a reflection desire to learn how to essay a inconclusion argumentative essay want to improve.

However, some of them were hard to answer. The authors then had the team do a study of more than 10, followers to find out why they follow the influential leaders in their life This summer is about acquiring new skills for me, something which the rest of my undergrad is really geared towards in general. I am always surprised when people refer to me as a leader but family members and close friends have made me more aware of this personality characteristic.