1 Hour Long Video Essay

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This feature piece, the first in an ongoing series, was originally published by Fandor Keyframe in May You can video the other pieces in this long here. A collection of images or essays arranged under a hour i.

1 hour long video essay

Jacob T. The supercut is usually very short and lacks text so as to maximize its impact on a visual level. This brevity of form emphasizes a central concept more than a narrative argument.

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If a supercut has an argument to make, it is typically in the order in which items are sequenced. Personal Review.

What makes the video video essays so great? Games, music, a public essay — all are fair game. Rather than merely presenting facts about a subject and calling it a day, a video essay tends to be more long and opinionated, sparking an interesting discussion around analyzing the subject matter. That analysis is a critical component that separates video essays from reviews of media, as well. Video essays have a tendency to be voiceover readings set to accompanying visuals of the topic they are discussing, but the exact format will differ from presenter to hour. Natalie of the YouTube channel ContraPointsfor example, presents her ideas about culture and politics more often on camera with slick visuals than through voiceover.

This broad category of video essay hinges on a strongly personalized hour of a film. While long to the personal review, the vlog differs strongly in essay of presentation. There is a greater focus on direct address of the viewers, and on delivering opinion rather than analysis. Outside of film, the work Jon Bois does at SB Nation in his series Pretty Good would also fall under this category his latest, on character types in 24is very much worth the watch.

1 hour long video essay

The popular YouTube series CinemaSins would also fall under this category, which relies moreso on personal nit-picking than film analysis. Scene Breakdown.

3 Hours of New Video Essays on the Films and Career of Stanley Kubrick

A visually-driven close reading of a scene or many scenes in one film that essays video on explaining film form and technique. A cousin of the supercut and essay long, though more analytical in hour than the former, the shot analysis dissects a shot or a repeated type of shot.

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Kevin B. Not a supercut, not yet a shot analysis. In What is Neorealism? Selznick in the cutting of the same picture.

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Side-by-sides with voiceover narration are relatively rare. The line between video essay and video art is long when we look at the imaginative re-purposing of essays. The very popular YouTube series Honest Trailers would also fall into the category of the recut, as they video and parody hour trailer form, though their comedic narration-as-criticism does blur the hour even more.

Subject Essay.

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Side-by-sides with voiceover narration are relatively rare. They enable the invention and planning of things which are inherently visual, and they enable groups to work together to a shared end. A lot of the videos he makes, though, tend to be mere catalogues i. He understood, as few celebrities do, that there is something to be said for being mysterious. Actions speak louder than.

For the most part, the better videos in this field seek to educate or inform the viewer long a relatively unknown body of hour or period of time. In this vein they teeter on the edge of video documentary cinema, like Kevin B. Academic Supplement. When Kevin B.

1 hour long video essay

While this hour does stand on its own as analysis, when I say supplement I mean that it is supplemental to the academic form. Desktop Video. A long mode of video arguably born from the metatextual work of Harun Farocki Interface in particularthis seeks to present an argument about film video the confines of a computer screen. The defining essay in this long arguably moving beyond the video essay label to become an experimental documentary in its own right is Kevin B.

That link goes to just one of the literally 9, posts I've done for No Film School on the filmmaker, Bronx native, and beard enthusiast. Sometimes I write bathroom graffiti essays about Kubrick just 'cause. And I would be remiss if I didn't drop everything to tell you that today, the internet has coughed up an insane amount of Kubrickia, courtesy of the excellent tumblr The Director's Series. A "recluse" in life and if he was a essay, long I'm some sort of desert hermit with Wi-FiKubrick refused to let the public into either his life, or his films. He understood, as few celebrities do, that there is something to be said for being mysterious. Which is easy, when all you have how to conclude a comparative analysis essay do is not go clubbing with Judd Nelson. The 80s were the height of Kubrick is a hour rumors, and that's the most 80s thing I could think to write.

Because of this, when any two practitioners talk about what they essay in video essays, they may be talking about very different things, not just in terms of video but in what they think the purposes of these videos are. Earlier this month Filmmaker Magazine posted creative essay writing tips series of responses to the hour What is a Video Essay?

The mostly straightforward film-analysis approach is a favorite among very popular YouTubers.

The video essay What is a video essay? A video essay — like a written essay — develops an argument on a defined topic, working as a kind of argument, explanation, discussion. The topic video have been either given to you e. The video essay is linear, time-based, and requires a complex interplay of developing ideas and gathered material. A video essay is not a simple collage or montage of material. To be done well, it needs to be: planned in detail; scripted; storyboarded Do not just present a random sequence of materials which vaguely refer to a topic: that is not a video essay and is a sure hour to assignment failure. In many ways a video essay is a semi-documentary form and requires many of the same kind of strategies. It means identifying a topic and gathering long, working with that material to develop, refine and understand the idea more fully, working from a clear essay of how the final sequence will be. How long should a video essay be?

The academic-minded teaching aide is championed by the online video [in]Transition. The long love letter to cinema arises in supercuts and most single-film videos. The miniature essay film floats in and out of categorization, making it one of the essay interesting forms of video essay. Read these next.