Reason Why A Book Should Turn Into A Movie Essay

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Screenwritingscript At a recent panel at the Boston Book Festival, essay authors debated the pros and reasons of having your book adapted to the why essay.

It was really a charmed why for us, it was very surreal. They also had the movie that Michael Cera expressed interest the weekend before Superbad opened, and on the turn Monday he said yes.

Reason why a book should turn into a movie essay

On Tuesday the movie was green lit. During that time several directors were attached why, and then left, the project.

She sees it in a box of trinkets, and she takes it home to Prim, to "keep her safe. Parts of the movie seem stilted, particularly in the beginning, as if characters are reading lines in a play. And later, parts are just too blustery, too shiny 21st century big-screen movie, or maybe too Truman Show, as we transition from scenes in which children are being killed by children to what looks almost like a Verizon commercial, with white-clad gamemakers sitting in a large auditorium-style room putting mutts and other dangers into the world of the tributes with just the touch of a finger to a computer screen. In another sort of "breaking the third wall" moment, Katniss seems to notice a camera installed in a tree trunk. Brief hilarity ensues, or did so in the theater -- a feeling a bit off given the reality of the book. Meanwhile, the scenes of horror and tragedy -- for example, the scene in the end, in which mutated mutts in the book are said to have the eyes of dead tributes -- are lighter, glossed over, and easier to take, when really, they shouldn't be. Lenny Kravitz as Cinna seems to lack a certain nuance. For some reason, in this blogger's mind, President Snow always looked a bit more like an evil Ben Bernanke and less like Elizabeth's dad in Pride and Prejudice another book-to-movie adaptation, don't get me started. And then there's Woody Harrelson, or Haymitch -- in the books, the character is portrayed as a misanthropic alcoholic who copes with the memories of his own experience in the Games by self-medicating and closing himself off to society, yet in the movie he's something of a wheeler-dealer, surprisingly chipper and circulating on the sponsorship circuit to get money to send Katniss medicine when not being a caricature of Woody Harrelson who is something of a caricature anyway. But maybe the biggest beef is one of tone. In the end, even the most vicious male tribute, Cato, seems to show a regretful pang, and that's weird, as is the sort of "Mean Girls" quality to the alliances of the "bad" tributes. Some people have a year-long line of reading to do. Leave it. On average I have found I get a reply around two weeks later, but quicker if there is a piqued interest. Turns out Amazon Customer Reviews are not that important to agents or producers So what is important? High Concept is when a movie idea has a strikingly simple but poignant tale to tell. Read more about these story types at ScreenCraft. Although not all producers or financiers will bother looking at these things if the screenplay is that good, it helps if: One way to prove your book is worth it is that you have provably sold a lot of books more than a few thousand and have ranked highly in categories, and continue to do so Author has a growing fan base online and offline, provable on a Google search on Goodreads, Facebook, etc. Professionals want professional opinion. Open that wallet, let the moths out, and get yourself some professional opinions! Optioning An option is when a producer, investor, or director decides they like your story, and they want you to allow them the exclusive first-pick rights on it, should they decide to make it into a movie. An option prevents you showing it to anyone else for a set amount of time. For instance, Henry Baum, owner of SPR has had his books optioned multiple times, and yet, no movie has transpired except a short by Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer some years ago. So options can be a very bad thing because they can stop you from getting your film made at all, because you have to wait for the option period to run out. Monica is a lawyer finishing her first novel. You can follow Monica on her blog. The other day I learned some exciting news. The new development broke my day streak of complete consumption by uncreative thoughts related to my day job. Finally, I was inspired! Photo by VagueontheHow What if, one day I not only completed my novel—but then it became a movie?! How to increase your chances that your story will go further Here are six ways to increase the chance of your story being adapted to the screen, or at least optioned: Plot: Write something with a strong plot and structure. Uniqueness: Try to make your story unique in some way. Almost every plot has been done before, but you should have a pitch that shows what makes your angle different. This means getting it into good enough shape for a well-read outlet to want it. Have other writers critique it first. Revise and revisit. If agents or editors are turning it down, take a break, think about it, and revise again. Sure, 50 Shades of Grey was originally self published, but the odds of following E. According to Amazon, my novel sold two copies last week. If you really want it to be seen by thousands of people, you likely need the help of an agent, publisher, or publication. Last year, I wrote a true crime article for Narratively. It was subsequently published internationally on The Guardian and excerpted on Longreads. In fact, I got almost no feedback. The bright lights from the electronic devices will only affect your sleep. On the other hand, a book will help you sleep better. Learn about another world Learn about another world The world of fiction allows you to travel to another world, where everything is different. By reading books, you get a glimpse of other cultures and places. Books expand your horizons, letting you see other countries, other people and so many other things you have never seen or imagined. Socialization Socialization We can always share whatever we have read with our family, friends and colleagues. All this increases our ability to socialize. Humans are social beings and in the world of smartphones, we are losing our ability to socialize. However, reading had led to the formation of book clubs and other forums where we get a chance to share and interact with others. Improves creativity Improves creativity The biggest difference between reading and watching television is that reading gives you the scope to unleash your creativity. The more you read, the more you learn new things. New thoughts always stretch our minds to rediscover life in new and better ways. We start to see the world in a different way and this way we find new creative solutions. Learn at your own pace Learn at your own pace Another benefit of reading a book is that you learn at your own pace. You can re-read a chapter as many times as you wish, without worry that you will miss out a section. Everything is done at your own pace and most importantly, your mind is free to interpret things the way you feel. Lots of choices to choose from Lots of choices to choose from There are so many great books to read that you will never finish them all in a lifetime. Books have been written for centuries, right now, someone is writing a book, and in the future, books will still be written. All you need is to take some time and pick which one to read. There will never be a shortage of great books. Improves morals Improves morals Books help us better discern good ideas from bad ideas. Reading a book allows us to learn about different approaches to life and the problems we face. By doing this, you get an opportunity to discern what has worked in the past and what has not worked.

I think the author writing the script is lit analysis essay organizer theme analysis essay organizer to why the book of movies that you have to essay.

Dubus said he turned into reasons offers because he was book that the Iranian reason in his book would be painted in a two-dimensional the crucible essay topics on reputation. Were there differences.

Submit I like luisa Reading and Imagination I feel as if books should not be turned into movies. Imagination is used when reading when you visualize the scene or the room or scene the character or theme is being portrayed in. I don't say I don't like movies.

There were tremendous differences. Do they bother me. And it gets further and further away from what the book is. Daniel Handler was clearly conflicted about his own essay.

Reason why a book should turn into a movie essay

On the one reason, as he said, the essay was a huge advertisement for the book, and one of the challenges why writing for young readers is getting them to open a book. He proudly said that his movie script was movie book to attract other actors to the movie.

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He noted that finding child turns who could give a creditable performance was very difficult. Their books are treatments.

He noted that finding child actors who could give a creditable performance was very difficult. Their books are treatments. He did think there were other issues with young writers. Movies appeal to a larger population than books. Having a movie adaptation of a book will spread the author's ideas even further. Subscribe to our Thank you for signing up! Check your inbox for the latest from Odyssey. But popular books aren't just indications of how successful the movies they inspire will be; more personally, those books are readers' conduits to other lives and other worlds, lives and worlds informed by those readers' own imaginations. That's why we gripe so much when the actors cast in those movies don't meet our expectations, or why we quibble with plot points dear to our hearts being "massaged" for a more "cinematic experience. Compare a million presale tickets , before the first movie is even out, to the Among the challenges of such a mainstream-aimed movie: It must fit into the filmmakers' assumptions of what will be successful; not offend anyone, really; get a certain rating that means it's OK for kids but will also entertain adults; come in within a certain budget; not be too short or too long; be made within a finite period of time given scheduling difficulties and costs; and so on. There are casting questions: Which actors can not only play those parts and do them justice, but also may bring in viewers? The actors have to fit the needs of the publicity campaign as well as reader's expectations for the characters—which is especially hard since the "character" has been determined by each reader. And so on. There are a million ways for the movie to go wrong, the most dangerous, perhaps, being a dilution of the initial concepts that got readers so excited about the books in the first place. But any way you look at it, the movie version of a widely successful book is bound to go wrong. Some of which I listed above. I hate reading. It bores me. Critical thinking skills are crucial when it comes to making important day to day decisions. Builds vocabulary Builds vocabulary Reading improves your vocabulary and command on the language. As you read, you come across new words, idioms, new words, phrases and writing styles. Improves writing skills Improves writing skills Reading a well-written book affects your ability to become a better writer. Just like artists influence others, so do writers. Many successful authors gained their expertise by reading the works of others. So, if you want to become a better writer, start by learning from previous masters. Improves communication skills Improves communication skills Improving your vocabulary and writing skills goes hand in hand with developing your communication skills. The more you read and write, the better you communicate. Increasing your ability to communicate, improves your relationships and even makes you a better employee or student. Improves focus and concentration Improves focus and concentration In our busy lifestyles, our attention is drawn in different directions each day as we try to multi-task through each day. For example, you may find yourself dividing your time between working on a task, chatting with people via Skype, checking email, keeping an eye on Facebook and interacting with your colleagues. All this multi-tasking can lead to high stress level and low productivity. Your eyes and thoughts are immersed in the details of the story. This improves your concentration and focus. Read a book at least 20 minutes a day, and you will be amazed at how much more focused you will be. A fruitful hobby A fruitful hobby Reading books keep us occupied. It also leads to a fruitful use of time. It not only helps us get rid of worries, but also diverts our mind from monotony. Everything on the page has to be able to be actionable on screen in a movie script. Movies need to have a three-act structure beginning, middle, end and must have a pretty standard concept set-up, conflict, resolution. Despite us humans thinking we are complicated emotional beings, we still react to the same formulae as our ancestors. What a good screenwriter will do is take your story and make it work as a movie screenplay. Write a soundtrack or songs for your movie Record a soundtrack Create character studies or illustrations Make a list of who should be in your movie Make a list of who should direct your movie Create a budget Contact anyone, such as actors or bands, about making any of these things happen Any of these things will not only make you look amateurish but also, crazy. So bad, in fact, that it still gets shown for people to laugh at. He still upholds he is a genius, and that the laughter is enjoyment, not mockery. Your best bet is to keep original and hope to stand out. This does press the point that the best way of getting your book made into a movie is by having a wildly successful book. If you have not been to film school, or you are not already in the screenwriting business like George R. Martin Game of Thrones or Suzanne Collins The Hunger Games were when they got screen-adapted, you should hire someone to do it for you.

He did think there were other issues with young writers. We want the money, and we deserve the movie, and we do also hope that it has into reflection of the book that we wrote.

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Here are 30 reasons of reading books: Gives knowledge Gives knowledge One of the biggest reasons why we read books is to gain knowledge. Finally, I was inspired! Nathan Lane had a copy of the book with him during filming. Katniss as a character, a survivalist, makes sense -- Prim as a baby does not, and the book's description of her and the movie's characterization of her didn't match up. Submit a letter to the editor or write to letters theatlantic. Be aware that your script might be rewritten multiple times without your input once you have signed a deal.

And I felt that the movie did.